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Cheryl Kosewisc has died

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Thanks for this to Survivor Addicts: posted 7/28

--- Quote ---Nessa confirmed in the Pirate Master Facebook group that Cheryl committed suicide.

Originally Posted by Nessa
To all who are wondering, since I'm sure you will read about it soon enough... Cheryl was found dead in her home on yesterday from suicide. Her beloved boyfriend had also taken his own life in June. All of the pirates and Cheryls friends and family are shocked and devastated. It is a tragic loss that we all feel very deeply... WE MISS YOU CHERYL, BEAUTIFUL STRONG WOMAN THAT YOU WERE...  Nessa
--- End quote ---

Our heartfelt sympathies to her family and friends at this difficult time...


My thoughts go out to Cheryl's family and friends...

I'll write a quick article on the RFF home page now.

Oh My !  :'(
Thoughts and prayers for Cheryl's loved ones :pray:

Wow, she was the district attorney? she must have been upset they took Pirate Master off TV...ok, that was mean. I do feel bad that she hit that low in her life, and feel for her family!


omg! that is so sad on so many levels. prayers for her family and friends.


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