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The Best Years - New TV Series for 2007


I absolutly love this show!!! It airs at 10pm on Tuesday Nights on Global in Toronto...its filmed in Toronto and Geulph but "takes place" is Massachusetts. 

Samantha Best has been shuffled and tossed through foster homes throughout her entire life and now she has been accepted to a prestigious college in Massachusetts for four years. She has to learn to deal with college life, friends, enemies, and new loves along the way. With so many things coming her way will she be able to focus on school and not let anything get in the way of her scholarship?

The only person I think anyone would recognize from this show is Brandon Jay McLaren who was in She's the Man (soccer movie)

Has anyone seen this?? Is it even aired in the states???

I have! It is on here in the states on a channel called the N. I love it cause it helps me with my college withdrawal. I think it is a great show.

does anyone know if it was renued for this year?


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