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Bravo Aims to Make Emmy a Real Race

"The Amazing Race" has crossed the finish line first every year it has been nominated for the reality-competition program Emmy. That makes four statuettes in a row for series co-creator Bertram Van Munster, with the possibility of a fifth this year. But Bravo is double-teaming the CBS series with challenges from "Top Chef" and "Project Runway."

Mr. Van Munster sees each Emmy nod as a validation of all the hard work that goes into "Amazing Race." "It means we're still on the map as a serious contender, and to me and all of us in the business, it's very important," he said. "I think the academy and our colleagues recognize how complicated it is to do something like this. It takes a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge, and I think they also recognize that this is done with a lot of taste.

"It's extremely complex, but it's also very simple because Elise [Doganieri], co-creator of the series] and I go out and we lay out the entire route and every competition. We do everything except the things we can't predict.

"The appeal is that it's extremely relatable. We can all recognize ourselves, whether we're young or old. We can all relate traveling with our loved ones. I want to go left and my partner wants to go right. We all know what a nightmare it can be. It brings everything out in people and it's just hysterical," he added. "Editing is a very important part of it, but not in the sense that we say 'OK, let's make this look better.' The show is cut basically chronologically as it happens. There are no sound bites in there that don't belong in that moment. Exactly what you see is exactly what happens."



--- Quote ---Q: I was wondering if CBS has canceled ''The Amazing Race.'' I haven't seen any advertising for a new season. It's one of my favorites.
A: CBS renewed The Amazing Race, but as a midseason show, meaning it will turn up sometime after the fall premieres which could be soon if some of CBS's autumn prospects fail to deliver.
--- End quote ---



"The Amazing Race 12" Spans 50,000 Miles Including First Time Visits to Ireland, Lithuania and Croatia

THE AMAZING RACE, winner of five consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality Competition Series, returns for its 12th edition on the CBS Television Network, Sunday, Nov. 4 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT).

Editors Note:  THE AMAZING RACE replaces "Viva Laughlin" which has been pulled from the schedule.  A rebroadcast of CSI will air in the Sunday (8:00-9:00 PM) time period on Oct. 28.

ďIf there ever was a season that I consider one of the best, itís this one," said Bertram van Munster," executive producer, director and co-creator of THE AMAZING RACE.  "Itís insanely funny, fast-paced and dramatic all at once.  Teams are in hot pursuit of one another at every location and its reality television at its nail-biting best."   

This season, teams will travel approximately 50,000 miles, covering five new countries including Ireland, Lithuania and Croatia. 

TARAsia Fan:
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Can't wait! I'm going through massive TAR withdrawal.

Another Article

Amazing Race In, Not-so-amazing Viva Out an article from TV Guide:

In a statement, Race exec producer Bertram van Munster says, "If there ever was a season that I consider one of the best, it's this one. It's insanely funny, fast-paced and dramatic all at once." And there's no dancing on roulette wheels. He meant to add that.

This season, the Race will cover five new countries including Ireland, Lithuania and Croatia.


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