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Outstanding Reality-Competition Program

The Amazing Race • CBS • Amazing Race Productions Inc. and Touchstone Television Productions, LLC in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Television and WorldRace Productions, Inc.

Also nominated in these categories:

Outstanding Cinematography For Reality Programming

Outstanding Picture Editing For Reality Programming

Outstanding Sound Editing For Nonfiction Programming (single Or Multi-camera)

Outstanding Sound Mixing For Nonfiction Programming (single Or Multi-camera)

And the competition??

American Idol

Project Runway

Top Chef 

Dancing with the Stars

Notice who's missing?? No Survivor!!

TAR has been nominated once again for an emmy for the most Outstanding Reality-Comoetition Program.  Also nominated and competing against TAR are:
American Idol
Dancing with the Stars
Project Runway
Top Chef.

TAR was also nominated for Outstanding Cinematography, Outstanding Sound Editing, and Outstanding Sound Editing.

Awards will be announced in September.  Keep you fingers crossed

hee :dancer:

Emmy snubs 'Survivor,' Showtime
Some favorites not invited to the party
By JOSEF ADALIAN“Survivor” has been voted off of Emmy island -- and it’s not the only show that’s not feeling the love this year.
For the first time since the TV Academy launched a reality competition category in 2003, Mark Burnett’s CBS skein has not been nominated in the category. Voters appeared to have subbed in Bravo’s “Top Chef,” which is making its first appearance in the competish.

Despite being credited with launching the reality competition boom in 2000, “Survivor” has never won the Emmy for reality competition. Another CBS skein -- “The Amazing Race” -- has snagged the statuette each of the past four years.

Burnett wasn’t alone in feeling jilted by Emmy.

Expectations were low at Universal Media Studios-produced “Friday Night Lights,” with an outstanding drama nom considered a longshot. But the complete snubbing of the cast--particularly leads Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler -- is a major disappointment. Peacock skein did manage to get nominated for helmer Peter Berg’s direction of the pilot.

“It’s incredibly rare for first year shows to get nominated,” said Universal Media Studios prexy Katherine Pope, saying she was happy to see Berg nommed and the show’s casting director recognized.

“I feel confident we’ll get a best drama nomination next year,” Pope added.

Some other Emmy disappointments:

n Showtime’s lavish period drama “The Tudors” didn’t land any major noms, despite good ratings and great reviews. Cabler also had to be bummed that Mi-chael C. Hall didn’t land a nom for his much-praised perf in “Dexter.”

Cabler’s entertainment chief, Bob Greenblatt, said he was happy that of the seven shows his net had in the running, five got some sort of recognition.

“Would we have liked to have more significant nominations for the cast of ‘Dexter’ or the writers of all our shows? Absolutely,” he said. “That said, we’re over the moon about how significantly we’ve been nominated.”

For the second consecutive year, “Lost” -- despite a jaw-dropping finale -- was nowhere to be found among the drama noms. Finale did get a writing nomination, and two cast members (Terry O’Quinn as Locke and Michael Emerson as uber-creepy Ben) got shout-outs.

It was a bad day at FX, which fell to just three noms (down from eight last year). Voters weren’t too impressed with new shows “The Riches” and “Dirt,” and “The Shield”
FX topper John Landgraf said he didn’t view Thursday’s noms as a “snub,” pointing out the rarity of a basic cabler grabbing actor and actress noms in the same year (“Rescue Me’s” Denis Leary and Minnie Driver in “The Riches”).

“My understanding is that FX wasn’t well-represented in the pre-noms -- amazingly I don’t think ‘The Shield was in the top 10’ -- but we did well at the blue-ribbon nominating stage,” he said via email. “This tells me our issue is in the voting process that leads to pre-noms. We are a small network with less than two dozen votes among our employees, so unless you believe that thousands of executive academy members are only voting their aesthetic conscience, we probably start many, many votes behind our larger broadcast, pay and basic cable competitors.”

“How I Met Your Mother’s” producing team were feeling awesome over their show’s first acting nom, snagged by Neil Patrick Harris. But Emmy con-tinues to make the “HIMYM” team wait for it in the outstanding comedy, writing and directing categories.

Crix kvelled over HBO’s “Deadwood” and “The Wire,” but Emmy yawned. Former skein got several tech noms, but despite the Academy’s love affair with oaters, the show was snubbed in major categories this year. And “The Wire” once again got zip.

Read the full article at:

My question is which of the episodes that were placed as possabilities actually got the nominations?  Anyone know?


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