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EP 10:"Chickens with Their Heads Cut Off" *maybe spoilers*

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I'm sure going to miss those extra previews and clues CBS USE to give us  :meow:

No more clues--no previews for press?  :'(

I thought this web clip was interesting: Jay has a bigger plan: (Don't know if this is just on my screen--but I get some message that real player can't play it--but just hit okay and it plays anyway)|wmv

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to tell you all that Peach and I will be meeting in this thread tonight at 10PM EST to watch Pirate Master together.  If anyone from Outside the US, or anyone unable to watch the show wants to join us, then be our guest!

Peach and I will be recapping the episode and hopefully peach will have screencaps for all of you! 

See you all at 10pm EST tonight!

Who's ready to watch with us now?

I am! :dancer:

Cinera--I have it partially recapped  right up to the task at the bridge

At that point, I will stop recapping in order to do screencaps if you can do the recaps?

Feel free to do what you can till then, but I have the highlights till there.


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