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I just wanted to take a little time right here to thank everyone for their support of RFF Radio. You have made us the #1 Reality TV & Big Brother Podcast, as of this writing, we even are ranked higher on iTunes than CBS's HouseCalls! That's exciting.

Many other podcasts have tried to copy our success, without any luck. We are lucky enough to have been doing this for 2+ years now, with over 100 episodes, and almost 92 hours of content, and many thousands of listeners each week. Its an honor to be able to recap all your favorite shows and let you listen to us two babble on!

Thanks for listening every week, and hope you continue to always listen!


Jeffrey Scott:
Much more success to you guys! We all enjoy it.

I'd like to take the time out and thank myself as well for being so witty, charming, and good-looking............just kidding.  Thank you to everybody who listens to the show!  You guys rock!

Trevor you crack me up!!!  Way to go you two!!! Keep up the good work.

Texan beet me to it.. " I was thinking the same, you crack me up Trevor.. sooooooo funny" Trevor you and Rob are very unique in what you do... TOTALLY LOVE LOVE your PODCASTS.. yours is my #1 favorite of all.. thanks for all you do. By the way how are your interns doing, did they get your pool table back in?.. hope you let them in the air again soon, I thought it was hillarious when they were all talking to you guys.
Been sad at my end, listening to you guys always makes me smile/laugh  :yess:
Thanks again.. hope you guys get to interview more BB House Guests. Lots of love; *KittyGina* xoxoxoxo :)


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