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Nice find, Michael!  :gj:

I have been informed that TAR 12 completed filming on or before August 3 -- and yes, I trust this information 100%.

TARAsia Fan:
Thanks for the info, Peach.  :tup: :tup:

For further confirmation of our info that the race ended on or before 8/03--

Phil was spotted on the way home to Auckland-- (and being met by family...) yesterday.

A blog mention of a Phil spotting in Auckland.

An update on what we do and do not know so far:

Possible start date of July 1-3. (source: private info--puddin)

Definitive end to the race on or before August 3. (source: private info--peach)

July 19 Dubrovnik,Croatia leg: (95% sure based on separate three way confirmations) including eyewitness accounts reported by Vance from Toronto , direct observation by Eilan , and private info (peach) of a TAR technical member working in Croatia on the above date.  (more discussion starts HERE).

July 29 Alaska leg: 100% confirmed  more info here

Quite possible: Ireland with teams seen at LAX on July 8, based on eyewitness account by WAMgirl here and here. (secondary confirmation ie film permits,photos etc still needed)

Interesting but no further confirmation: Burkina Faso

Now not believed to be true: Malaysia

Nothing but a rumor: China

From the Jonathan Littman interview: (thanks to Slowhatch)

--- Quote ---"The Amazing Race": The Emmy-winning reality show is not on the fall schedule and will return later. "The countries are very exotic," Littman says. "We're going to a couple of places that I don't even know where they are on the map. I've had to go look them up."

As for the teams? Lively.

"This is a tough group," Littman says. "They'll be younger. We still have a good balance."

The show will will do two fewer episdoes and drop the noneliminations to create more excitement.
--- End quote ---

More contestant info to follow... ;)


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