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Contestants :
Ari Bonias and Staella Gianakakos/Best Friends -- Eliminated :yes:
Kate Lewis and Pat Hendrickson/Married Ministers -- Eliminated :yes:
Marianna Ruiz and Julia Ruiz/sisters   -- Eliminated :yes:
Lorena Segura and Jason Widener/Dating-- :yes: Eliminated --Taiwan? X
Shana Wall and Jennifer McCall/Friends -- Eliminated
* there were the girls who were wearing tight warm-up pants -- Burkina Faso
*There were at least one F/F team. --Dubrovnik X
Azaria Azene and Hendekea Azene/ Brother & Sister --- Eliminated  last of the final 6 out in  -- Dubrovnik ? :yes:
Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala/Dating  -- in the final 6  --Dubrovnik-- Eliminated
Jennifer Parker and Nathan Hagstrom/Dating -- Taiwan?-- Winners? X eliminated :hides

Ronald Hsu and Christina Hsu/ Father & Daughter ---in the final 6  --Dubrovnik :yes:

Rachel Rosales and TK Erwin/Dating  in the final 6   --Dubrovnik --Taiwan? :yes:

Nicolas Fulks and Donald Jerousek/Grandson-Grandfather in the final 6  --Dubrovnik --Alaska?? :yes:

* based on descriptions/sightings

LAX to Ireland July 8-10th  

Startline! Playboy Mansion credits to Slowhatch and Kogs!

WAMgirl posts at Twop's ,LAX, July 8th to Ireland
*We were at LAX this July going on our honeymoon, and we met a team from the upcoming season. The team consisted of a younger guy and his grandfather. They were headed to Ireland and were looking for guidebooks and people to exchange dollars for euros on a one to one ratio.
More from WAMgirl here.

more LAX:
Newbie tarrules00 posts at sucks:
*i was IMing the other night with a friend who actually WORKS at LAX airport, she was there when the Amazing Race teams passed through and she got a clear look at all of the teams from very close proximity.
*she said that most of the teams were "standard" (yawn) Amazing Race teams - the dating couples, MACTORS, etc,but the team that struck her eye the most, by far, was a team consisting of two GOTH girls . she got a great look at them and said they were absolutely beautiful, but not in the standard "mactor" kind of way!
Joan Lyne
1. Location Co-Ordinator on Irish leg of American Reality TV Series “The
Amazing Race”, facilitated by Vision Independent Productions.

Amsterdam, Netherlands July 11th
Two blogs mention seeing Amazing Race teams.
First blog:
*We just got done with a walking tour of Amsterdam. Unfortunately it was not as good as the Berlin tour but it was still very interesting. We think we saw some participants from the Amazing Race running through town with a cameraman and sound guy following close behind.
Next Blog:
*I saw to 3 pairs that were competing in my reality favorite show “the amazing race”

Burkina Faso, West Africa July 13th - 16th?
plurie @ Twop's post's on July 16th:
*A friend of a coworker was recently on a flight to Burkina Faso with contestants and camera crews who claimed to be filming TAR. (He'd never seen the show, so he didn't know to ask any other questions.)
*According to my coworker, the contestants and camera crews were initially coy about what program they were working on, but eventually some of the contestants said it was TAR.

This blog entry confirms Paris to Burkina Faso on July 13th
*We are happy to report that we and the Johnsons made it to Burkina Faso at around 5pm local time on Friday (1PM on the east coast).
*We arrived safely in Burkina Faso on July 13th
*Our biggest news of interest is that it appears that the Amazing Race teams and crew were on our plane from Paris to Burkina.  
*We have no clue what they could find interesting to do in Burkina but we noticed the flight was very full and it turns out that there were 40-50 people on the plane associated with the production. 
*We were sitting in Paris waiting to board and we kept seeing guys with really big video cameras, running up and then turning around to get video of two people coming towards them. 
*We talked with a couple of people who said that they couldn’t say who they were with but they didn’t deny it either. 
There is a chance that we are in the background of several shots at the Paris airport or on the plane. 
Also, the SIM missionary from Ouaga who met us at the airport was definitely on camera giving directions to a team (Tim? & Don) who we had met and helped on the plane. 
*Anyway,  I think they are shooting for the fall or the spring and they said that they were in the middle of the race.
*There was at least one team that was “goth.” They had either dyed their hair pink or were wearing a wig.
 *Several of the teams were not quite dressed appropriately to handle the heat or the cultural requirements, so it will be interesting to see what they do (there was a goth team and the guy was wearing white face paint!).
*there were the girls who were wearing tight warm-up pants…very shocking to the conservative Burkinabe culture where women wear skirts and dresses that go below the knee in public.
*One of the contestants and his father were from Chicago and they sat across the aisle from us, so we got to talk to them a little bit

Slowhatch -- evidence for Burkina Faso
Slowhatch-- Dourtenga, southeast of Ouagadougou.
Slowhatch --It's Naba Koom, located just outside the railway station.


Vilnius and Kaunas *thanks to Boingo* , Lithuania Date July 17th - 18th
puddin's speculation:
long shot--Vilnius, Lithuania
CBS Press:
*This season, teams will travel approximately 50,000 miles, covering five new countries including Ireland, Lithuania and Croatia
*Trakai castle also from our image source*

Rumsiskes Folk Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania *thanks to Boingo and our image source*

Duprovnik, Croatia on July 19th
Big shout out to Eilan for all the Amazing info and photo's throughout this thread  :jam:

first brought to us by peach. Picture /Evidence in this thread
*I had previously received (from an extremely reliable source) that Croatia was a very probable TAR 12 location.   
*But based on my information and this information, I believe that there is a very good chance that this IS TAR 12 and not TARA. The dates of this sighting also coincide with the dates I was told.
peach adds :
Okay, I have a bit more info on the teams.
*There were probably 6 to 7 teams seen.
*They came in a group of 3 or so, then one, then the rest.
*There were at least one F/F team. And at least one M/F team who were close in age so could have been boyfriend/girlfriend or brother/sister, etc. That team was in the middle of the pack.

"Vance" from Toronto-- LINK
*My friend may have just witnessed part of the race for the next season of The Amazing Race 12.
*My friend was in Duprovnik, Croatia on July 19th and saw groups of two's running followed by a camera.
* then we saw a camera man appear and then the two pple ran back the way they came and cameraman followed..
*it they also saw pple zip cording
*The one couple racing, that my friend remembers, was a dirty blond guy and a girl with dark hair and both were wearing green headbands.

Eilan @Twop's :
*We were on holiday this summer and happened to see a leg being filmed. We spent the better part of the afternoon chatting with various crew members, and met and had a brief chat with one of the teams.
*I promised the crew/producers I wouldn't say anything, but I think I can confirm the spoiler from RFF that auntieB linked to above without quite breaking that promise. And the team we met were definitely Americans.

Slowhatch July 18th
Just one photo in the album; a different part of Dubrovnik, but also a different date.
*The Amazing Race was filming while we were there in Dubrovnik!! We saw some camera men, but no teams.
*We were really excited anyway. We also talked to some people from England who didn't know what the show was, but told us they had seen two couples in row boats being videotaped.
*They weren't sure, but thought one couple (team) seemed to be doing well and the other (who they thought was male-female) was having a lot of difficulty.

Thanks to peach & Eilan, more picture/team evidence here.

Slowhatch hits the motherload! Team pictures as well as zipline rigging--Here & Here!

Fort Canon

Florence, Italy Date July 21-22?
Boingo -- Duomo of Florence, Italy  :tup:
Boboli Gardens.

Mumbai, India date July 23-24


Osaka, Japan Date July ?

Boingo -- Osaka, Japan
China? I did hear about some "Asia's" or was that Cro-Asia? lol
 Lynn/Alex  make an unsubstantiated claim ("we also heard from a little bird") about China, thanks to Slowhatch.
Boingo -- Osaka, Japan Kishiwada Castle Osaka Clown

Slowhatch --source page). It's somewhere in Osaka.

Taipei, Taiwan Date July 26-27 ?

China? I did hear about some "Asia's" or was that Cro-Asia? lol
 Lynn/Alex  make an unsubstantiated claim ("we also heard from a little bird") about China, thanks to Slowhatch.

Thank you to Newbie huholah  

*My friend told me that he thinks he saw teams on the amazing race approaching Taipei 101. 
*So here it goes: around 26,27 of July as I remember- sorry I couldn’t remember the EXACT dates, he was shopping with his girlfriend in xin guang shan uiah beside Taipei 101. 
*When he was planning to shop in 101 at noon, he saw this man and women (couples) ran out of the taxi and looked up at Taipei 101. 
*He also saw 2 camera men running with them. 
*However, he found it weird that the couples did not enter the Taipei 101 and were actually waiting for someone. 
*He describes the couple as a brunette woman and a man.  He said that the man seemed very athletic and fit. 
*Since he saw that there were camera men around, he notices that this might be on TV. 
*He continued to stay for 10 minutes and another group came which he describes as another couple which consists of a blond girl. 
*He THINKS that there was an Asian team far behind or eliminated already because he was a good listener.  
*When he was walking into Taipei 101, he was literally 2 feet away from the blond racer and he heard the girl say something like “I wonder what the Asians would say if they came to this place”. 
*At first, I thought this was amazing race asia because I didn’t expect amazing race 12 to contain another asian team ever since the cho’s.  Now after the official list of teams came out, I strongly believe my friend’s sightings because there were asian teams. 
*He only saw 2 teams each holding a blue form on their hands.   

*he thinks that Lorena and Jason were in but is not sure because he could only recognize the long hair. 
*He says that he is not at all confident with what he saw with the second team. 
*He jst notices a blond woman with a man(he didnt really see the man's face). 
*He was pretty sure it was friday that he saw them because he was only advailables on fridays to go out.

*He said that he saw the first group heading the direction of getting to the top of 101-elevator.  And the second group, he didnt see because when he walked into the building the second group was still outside(possibliy asking how to get up to the tower).  I would assume there is a clue box up at the tower because I asked my frend if he saw anything else on the racer's hands, but he only saw a blue piece of paper..

*I'll ask my friend tomorrow......All I can say is..I think Taipei locatin was either 26th of July or 27th.....And since he only saw 2 teams on a spand of 10 minutes, it has to be a leg with very few teams because if it was one of the beginning legs, more than 2 teams would appear in a span of around 10 minutes.....
*my friend was not sure who he actually saw because it was 3 months ago.....he only THINKS its jenn/nathan because of the blunette hair of the woman --   huholah


schwarzmoor and Kogs -- Taipei Taiwan

Boingo --Taipei taxis

Boingo--- National Theater Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan

--Taipei 101

Neobie: Danshui River biking trail in Taipei

Boingo: Sky lanterns, Taiwan


Girdwood, Alaska on July 29th in this thread , first brought to us by anon1akacolby and PDF documents posted by peach and the Amazing Race detectives.

anon1akacolby :
*I just received an IM from a co-worker asking me when the next TAR is going to be on.
*"yup, at least part of it was in alaska.  2 of the people who did tours my parents went on this past week particpated in part of it up there.
 one was a guide up a glacier or something like that and one drove a boat up a river that was use."
*"girdwood was the city.  she couldn't remember the name of the glacier."
*At first I took that to mean that alaska was on their way to the final destination.  But I asked her if she meant that Alaska is
Possibly the final destination.  **She said:
"i think so, she said she only remembers him mentioning 3 boats (not sure if it was 3 boats besides his or including his)."

*We know that the leg was filmed on July 29, 2007. (And since we also know that the race was completed no later than August 3 and probably a day or so earlier, that makes this one of the last possible legs.)
*The leg was filmed in the Chugach National Forest on the Twenty Mile River and on the Twenty Mile River Glacier.
*Teams travelled on the Twenty Mile River in boats provided by Glacier Jet, starting at Glacier Jets' launch site (eyewitness source).  See a sample river tour video HERE (thanks Slowhatch for the links!).  Sample River photos here.
*They did an ice climb on the Twenty Mile River Glacier with technical support provided by The Ascending Path. (link thanks to Colby!)


From the Jonathan Littman interview: (thanks to Slowhatch)
*"The Amazing Race": The Emmy-winning reality show is not on the fall schedule and will return later.
*"The countries are very exotic," Littman says.
*"We're going to a couple of places that I don't even know where they are on the map. I've had to go look them up."
*As for the teams? Lively.
*"This is a tough group," Littman says. "They'll be younger. We still have a good balance."
*The show will will do two fewer episdoes and drop the noneliminations to create more excitement.
CBS Press:
*"If there ever was a season that I consider one of the best, it's this one," said Bertram van Munster," executive producer, director and co-creator of THE AMAZING RACE.  "It's insanely funny, fast-paced and dramatic all at once.  Teams are in hot pursuit of one another at every location and its reality television at its nail-biting best."   
*This season, teams will travel approximately 50,000 miles (or is that 30,000?), covering five new countries including Ireland, Lithuania and Croatia. 
*This year's race includes stops in Croatia, Burkina Faso and Alaska and features the first-ever Goth team. --ocregister

* Doing away with non-elimination legs means there will also be no more penalties
*Ireland is one of five new countries The Amazing Race 12 filmed in, along with Croatia, Lithuania and two African countries with names that van Munster said most people can't pronounce.
*"It's very exciting to go to new locations because we have gone to places where people have never seen a television camera or have never seen television"
*The Amazing Race 12's course will span approximately 30,000 miles in 21 days, making it one of the shortest courses in the show's 12 seasons

*This year's race includes stops in Croatia, Burkina Faso and Alaska and features the first-ever Goth team.
*5 countries where The Amazing Race had never been will be featured in this season's trek, including Ireland, Lithuania and Croatia. Other locales include Burkina Faso, West Africa, and Taiwan.

*The show will crisscross the world, from Holland to India to Croatia, and head to a few off-the-beaten-track towns that will send viewers grabbing for their globes.
*"There are probably four places that the average person is going to hear and say, 'They're going where?' And they're going to have to get out a map to know where it is. They are very remote," said Bertram Van Munster, the other half of the executive producing team. "We hit most of the continents, except Antarctica."

I found this:

one of his entries says:

--- Quote --- The Race is officially underway—1st batch of cues is delivered, and I just kicked out 4 more min.s for next week. In the zone!   11:01 PM July 16, 2007  from web
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: puddin on July 12, 2007, 07:46:35 PM ---received a tip:

Cast and crews left via airplanes between aprox. July 2-3rd .

--- End quote ---
puddin, I wonder if your tip really applied to Amazing Race Asia 2 because July 2-3 is when that race started.

We'll I can't say to much but we are pretty sure its our race.


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