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EP9: "24 Hour Party Pirates" * maybe spoilers*

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7/24/2007: 24 Hour Party Pirates 


Next time on Pirate Master

The ship's command is rocked to its foundation when an unexpected twist shocks them all!

When the captain's bounty is recovered, a change in the Pirate's Code is unleashed on the winning crew.

Eat, drink and be merry...for there is no tomorrow for one of these pirates

They cancel show  I found out by emailing  the CBS network in the Dallas -Fort Worth area
here their answer to me

Pirate Master's last telecast was last week.
Ken Foote
Director Of Programming
KTVT CBS 11 and KTXA 21
Dallas/Fort Worth

I then talk to  serveral on Jokers board they show no show on their station so Dreamer
at Jokers phone the CBS station and found out they pull the show but we see the rest show
on intertube the CBS  link but they must be going show them on the same date because you not see them yet . I also email couple the pirate on my space see if they knew about this so hope we find out more. I also emailed CBS main network before Dreamer call so maybe we get news before long . but  show is gone from CBS stations already.

Jeffrey Scott:
I sent an email along as well. Just to spped along the process. Perhaps someone will get a definitive answer.


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