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Has anyone heard of a spoiled boot list for Pirate Master (from now until the show ends)?


--- Quote from: dolphingirl on July 09, 2007, 08:58:04 AM ---Has anyone heard of a spoiled boot list for Pirate Master (from now until the show ends)?

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There really isn't a "boot" list per se--but TDT has done some excellent vidcap analysis to see based on the promo shots who is around week to week...

You can find more info over here .

thank you  :)


--- Quote from: Maidenlady on July 12, 2007, 01:28:39 PM --- ok now I not saying this is true as i think it may be a hoak because the poster got 15 eP where Mark shows EP13 but I going to share what I found on Jokers posted by Dreamer as I had done seen it on two other sites  and it comes from a yahoo poster spoilers site one the site said . so here what Dreamer found and posted . Dreamer has it posted as a rumor /spoiler /
so make up your own minds .


Pirate Master spoilers are out!?
I have all of the Pirate Master Spoilers, right here!

I got them off of a former Mark Burnett executive blog!

Here they are:

Episode 1: John Lakness
Episode 2: Christian Okoye
Episode 3: Alexis Shubin
Episode 4: Cherl Kosewicz
Episode 5: Sean Twomey
Episode 6: Joy McElveen
Episode 7: J.D. Norton
Episode 8: Nessa Nemir
Episode 9: Azmyth Kaminski
Episode 10: Kendra Guffey
Episode 11: Jay Hatkow

Final 5: Christa, Ben, Louie, Jupiter, Laurel

Episode 12: Louie Frase
Episode 13: Jupiter Mendoza
Episode 14: Christa DeAngelo

Finals: Ben, Laurel

Episode 15: Ben Fagan Wins Pirate Master
5 days ago
web page

I have sent the post to both Kendra & Ben  to let them know it running around the web  so maybe we find out if it was leak by CBS to get people interest in the show again as I know lots have gave up on show already .
Anyway I felt everyone here should have a chance to see it too . I not saying it true as see no proof so far but guess we know more this next show . I would think if Jay has any say Kendra be next going home ?

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Not that I watch this show or anything...but damn the boot lists.... *still has nightmares about the TARAS boot list*


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