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Author Topic: Clue to the Mole  (Read 2700 times)

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Clue to the Mole
« on: February 12, 2004, 01:34:05 PM »
Okay I did miss the first couple of shows.....But since I have been watching there have been different things that make people seem like the mole.

These are guesses  ~ but just in case do not read if you do not want to spoil the show.  Put in your observations too.

Last night.
 Mark ~ water in the boat & almost turning it over each time.  Always was first person to pick what he wanted to do.  Seem to be finished first on the quiz

Angie ~ Walking slow under water ( but I bet it was hard to pull those guys) why did she not grab the rope instead of it just hooked to her back?  Did not know the order of the games they played for the picture board.  got alot of pictures correct to put money in the pot since she has lost them alot  Lucky 7 tatoo on her arm.

Denis ~ opened the case.  Only one picture right, atleast put them on the board if they are wrong.  no notes. Foot not on hole ~ could have been subconcious move

Other shows

mark ~  standing on cross walk in tequilla challenge.  Then not wanted to finish.  Bad descriptions on pictures.  Bananas in the basket and says he did not do it. Lead donkey Used blocker in school game to stop Angie ~ why so early she moved on chair.  Just acts like the mole

Angie  ~ Painting was way out there. Pointing out who did not get any bottles of tequila across.  Bottles of tequila brand Anji'  Missed easy questions in class challenge.  Most say she missed the chest answers on purpose ~ But I did not know the answers either

Denis ~ Took his time on the picture matching.  How do I play when the clock was ticking.  missed some easy questions in classroom.  capital of NJ ~ where he was born.  Minutes question = 91 his jersey number.  Kept trying in tequilla after others quit ~ throws off people.  Ate worms ~ come on if he would not have eatten them everyone would have know since he has a wild reputation

Okay that is all I have.


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