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I think that the mole is acting moleish to throw people off....thats what Mark wants. If they think he's the mole they will never gueess he is really the mole.  ;D its all strategy.

Ok...Mark is the Mole...(A cop told me so ;)) He's pretty darn we'll see soon. This is fun  ;D.

Texan, has the cop watched the show from beginning to end? If so, that is great. I hope he gets it right!

Well it looks like I was wrong this time ::)
I can't believe they weny with a super model again :o

Angie Everheart was the mole and she did a great job at fooling me this season. Here's to hoping they bring back classic mole with real people next season.

Well, it looks like I was wrong too, never would have suspected Angie.


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