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EP7: "A Deal with the Devil" *maybe spoilers*

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07/10    Pirate Master - "A Deal with the Devil"

Link to Filming Location-at Scott's Head and the Underwater Sabotage

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With the balance of power aboard ship tilting in their favor, the officers devise a cruel plan to tire out the crew just before they leave for the next expedition.

Trade winds blow romance across the deck as two crewmates take their relationship to another level.

Can an elusive treasure be recovered from behind a trap door?

Well lets hope the black team get Kendra this round and Red get Christa as Kendra poor swimmer
which is odd since they got her listed as dive master on her bio but how could you be dive master and be weak swimmer as you got be able to go deep on this week show .
Azmyth must know this and thats why he trying to tired the men for red team out already ,
Only thing is both Louie & JD spent a lot time on ships and around water  and JD being a smoke jumper he has to be able to hold his breath a long time while fighting fires.Louie  spent time on boats every day before he come here so maybe this be one place Louie out shine azmyth & Jay & Ben ?

This is the episode with the white crew I bet taht the former contestants are going to win and come back to the show


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