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Tracey Bernard



Name: Tracey
Age: 37
Home: Fordham
Job: Cleaner
Starsign: Gemini

Raver Tracey is a peacemaker who can't remember ever losing her temper. She knows everyone in her village, has never been on a plane and has never switched on a computer. She avoids anger at all costs and is a party-loving, peace-loving, self-confessed "cheesy quaver!"

Status: Single.
First Words: "Ave it."
Life Philosophy: Make love, not war.
Likes: Collecting carrier bags, her home, raving, making people happy.
Dislikes: Mess, anger, modern technology and her lack of organisational skills.
Why BB?: "For the phat experience."
Confiscated Items: Cold and flu medicine, two lacy bras and suntan lotion


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