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Charla was visiting my city


Hey everyone, I just ran into an old co-worker of mine and he mentioned to me that he saw Charla in Victoria BC. Canada a couple of weeks ago.  He was heading up for a going away luncheon at Swan's Pub (I couldn't go to it) and he was walking along Wharf Street (one of the main tourist areas) by Bastion Square and saw Charla.  He didn't go up to her or anything but he saw two fans go up and talk to her.  Pretty neat eh?  If my memory is right, the going away luncheon was on Thursday, June 7th.  I wished I talked to him earlier --maybe I could have strolled through the tourist areas and found her myself or then again Charla could have been visiting for the day as we get quite a few cruise ships heading to Alaska and our city is one of the ports of call.  Darn, darn, darn, I missed my chance.   Anyways, I thought I would share the 2nd hand news to any Charla fans.  :waves:

:yaya: Bathfizzy. Aww too bad for you to be so close and to have missed Charla.

Thanks for sharing  :hearts:


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