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Laura Williams
« on: June 15, 2007, 06:41:23 PM »

Name: Laura
Age: 23
Home: Rhonda
Job: Nanny
Starsign: Libra

Bubbly Laura is an absolute chatterbox who'll talk to anyone. She's not too keen on drinking alcohol and prefers drinking squash as it makes for a cheaper night out. Laura admits her nickname is 'Wangers' because of her large breasts. She also has an obsession with embalming and would like to make a career of it one day

Status: Single.
Life Philosophy: Happy, happy, happy.
Likes: Cinema, DIY, penny-pinching, cleaning and elastic bands.
Dislikes: Smoking, smoking and smoking.
Why BB?: "It's a competition and you've got to be the best at everything."
Confiscated Items: Suntan lotion, packet of straws, umbrella, hair straighteners and four books.
If I won: Admits that she can never plan to win until she's seen the competition.
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