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Carole Vincent



Name: Carole
Age: 53
Home: East London
Job: Youth health worker
Starsign: Taurus

Carole is a self-confessed political protestor with a big heart. From Greenham Common to anti-war rallies, she's passionate about her beliefs and is extremely positive about life. She doesn't suffer fools and is always happy to say exactly what is on her mind "I'm gonna shake it something rotten!"

Status: Single.
First Words: "Woo, woo, milked it!"
Life Philosophy: "Chilled out music, lovely people, good weather."
Likes: Peace, harmony, tattoos and sign language.
Dislikes: Racism, fascism and slapstick humour.
Why BB?: Wants to bring important issues to the public.
Confiscated Items: Railcard, fake blood and a picture of a dolphin.

Jeffrey Scott:
I'm surprised she was as well received as she was.

I'm surprised I like her as much as i do...she's a fun character.

She was fun but is getting really grouchy now... can't help hoping she'll be evicted tonight.

I like Seany and actually I've even grown to like Jonathan in the last week, he sort of reminds me of Will in his arrogance!


I'd rather see her go than Seany and Jonathan.  But if not her, then I'll make due with Seany.


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