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Chanelle Hayes



Name: Chanelle
Age: 19
Home: Wakefield
Job: Student/Bank Worker
Starsign: Scorpio

Chanelle has an obsession with a certain celebrity wife and pop star. We'll leave you to guess who that is. (Hint Hint: She's married to David Beckham) She doesn't watch the news because "there's too much bad stuff going on in the world".

Status: Single.
First Words: "What am I doing?"
Life Philosophy: "Fighting is for scruffs."
Likes: Jokes, star signs, Victoria Beckham.
Dislikes: Being overweight, lizards, rats and birds.
Why BB?: Wants to be on BB to be famous.
Confiscated Items: Two Spanish vocabulary books, hair straighteners, tan maximiser and an MP3 player and charger.

Jeffrey Scott:
Favorite group, probably the Spice Girls.


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