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Name: Charley
Age: 21
Home: South East London
Job: Unemployed
Starsign: Cancer

A self-proclaimed 'it' girl, Charley likes shopping, money and going clubbing at celebrity hangouts. A sleep-walker and talker, Charley is not a morning person. She admits to losing her temper easily and has to bite her tongue quite often. She has a phobia of spiders, is dreading the imminent smoking ban and also believes in ghosts.

Status: Single.
First Words: "You're twins wow!"
Life Philosophy: Celebrity, celebrity, cash, celebrity.
Likes: Celebrities, money, cocktails and her car.
Dislikes: Racism, smoking ban and spiders.
Why BB?: Because she's not doing much at the moment.
Confiscated Items: MP3 player, games console and dental floss.

Jeffrey Scott:
Games Console!  :lol3:
Like that would have been allowed.

I wonder why they took away Dental floss from her.  Does Big Brother have something against keeping your teeth clean?

Jeffrey Scott:
They don't want people to hang themselves. That's why all their shoe laces have been taken away also.

Really?  Are you kidding?


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