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Name: Lesley
Age: 60
Home: Gloucestershire
Job: Living off capital from her previous business.
Starsign: Aquarius

Intelligent Lesley has had an eventful life. She ran a successful recruitment business for 20 years, worked as a Cambridge don and set up a marriage agency for divorcees. Claiming to be friendly with royalty, Lesley is also a 'young' member of the WI, loves visiting country houses, thinks Ricky Gervais is fantastic and doesn't like music. Full stop.

Status: Married.
First Words: "Its girly isn't it?"
Life Philosophy: Lesley has a personal trainer and a cook: "I don't do anything domestic."
Likes: Dinner parties, country-house weekends, Victorian literature, Michelin-starred restaurants and fish and chips.
Dislikes: Negative under-achievers, people without ambition and 'no-hopers'.
Confiscated Items: George Orwell's novel '1984', diary and hairspray.

Jeffrey Scott:
Can't keep a diary? Or was it written in already? I suppose I could understand that to a bit.

I bet she keeps a diary and writes down her daily thoughts in it.  You aren't allowed to keep your thoughts in a private place (except in your head) in BB.

Jeffrey Scott:
Dear diary:
Today I'm planning on nominating......

Yea, I see the point.


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