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Inferno 6/26/2007
« on: June 27, 2007, 08:38:27 AM »
Well it was an interesting challenge.  I did find it funny that John fell off first thing.  I knew Alton would do well in this challenge as I remember him in the inferno challenge where he had to climb and he flew up the rope net.

Aneesa giving up was bad, atleast she could have fallen like the others.  I was sorry to see her go as she left same time last challenge.  However I do think they are physically stronger, but she was really good at puzzles.  I am not sure I think Janelle is a good player or not.  She seems to have just survived this challenge and never really did well.  When they said what the inferno was I knew annessa was going home.

I have to say I have new respect for Paula.  She tried in every challenge and knowing she might go to the inferno she helped susie in the challenge.  She was a team player the whole way.  I think it was crappy of Cara to be smiling and smug while Paula was crying about going it.  Yes Paula did not deserve to go in, but Cara was right is all about friends and alliances.  I think Cara played crappy and should not be at the end but that is how the game is played.

I am rooting for the bad asses.  I want Derrick to win.  And I think Ev deserves a win for all the hard work she has done in the challenges.  They have a good chance.

It will be interesting to see how the good guys handle the challenge.  i thought Susies comment was classic, Paula is back so quit being mean to me and lets play the game.  Not exact words but she did say they should quit being mean to her.  What happen to it is a game???