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Inferno 6/12/2007
« on: June 13, 2007, 01:02:06 PM »
Watched the show last night.

I felt bad for Janelle and Cara as they were getting shocked...okay not as much Cara.  Some of the questions I can see them missing, but others come on people.  I love Derrick but he was not all there in that challenge.  Come on Who ws first sent home... CT but I see where and why they put Tyre.  They should have known there was a catch to that question.  and answer 1 to the rail road car challenge  (:;)

Why did Cara seem so shocked that the rest of the team was not happy she was not doing her best so that Susie could win the lifeshield!!?!?  She looked shocked and upset.  COME on they are here to win and you are more concerned about your friend then the team winning $$$.

I did think it was funny that Aneesa looked upset that she was picked to go the inferno.  But I have to admit, it was a dumb move on the good guys.  You put the injured person that could slow the other team down in the inferno.  I hope she wins it just to prove to everyone that she can do it.  If she does she better be a good player in the final challenge or they will rag her bad.

I hate that they think they can beat Derrick in the inferno and put him in on the last male inferno.  Poor guy goes out last man challenge each time.  I hope he gets to stay.