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RW Vegas Reunion episode 2
« on: June 11, 2007, 10:20:19 AM »
Okay saw episode 2 this weekend.

Who is lying Alton or Arrissa?  Who made the kiss attempt?

I have to say I think Irelune made a fool of herself refusing the dinner invite with Alton.  Why can she live with her ex but not have a simple dinner?  HEr boyfriend would not understand that the producers set up the dates?  If she can not have a dinner with him alone, tells me she still has feelings for him.

Trishelle seems like the outsider now.  Like she does not know how to talk to everyone.  I feel bad that no one really kept in touch with her.

Funny they made a big deal about Steven's pool insident but did not show it.  The guest must have been pissed because you know that the camera crew was probably there filiming.  Yes he should nto have done that to someone he did not know but, he was right when he said check the tape and you will see.  Funny the story changed from he touched her to threw ice on her.

Frank seems like he is drunk most of the time.

The happy go lucky Irulen and Arrissa seems so fake to me, but waht ever works.

Bri showing up with her baby all the time I think makes some of the others uncomfortable.  But hey godo for her working her contract for them to pay (I am assumign here) her hubby and baby at the hotel too.

Alron Mr my body is a machine... i was totally shocked that he was smoking!!