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Interview with Heather
« on: August 12, 2002, 10:25:49 AM »
Heather was interviewed on WGN Radio. She was attending a Mole reunion in Las Vegas. Here's the highlights ofwhat she said.

Thought Anderson didn't like her because he didn't talk to her, but she found out he thought she was the mole.

Didn't touch the bike on purpose. It was just absent-mindedness.

Anderson was drunk in the wine game. Was supposed to say "Place the glasses on the table.", but 5 times in a row he said "trable".

She also tried to get on Big Brother 2. Was called by them the same day the mole called.

Bill didn't look at the dossier because producers said it was his choice. He did it as a gift to the girls and a last shot at fooling the audience.

They can not lie if asked a direct question except when asked about other players.

Last show was filmed in October.

Dorothy eating the apple in opening was supposed to indicate that she was the winner.

Bill was told who was lying in the lie detector game.

All the players read the various mole message boards.

It was a wild boar that snorted at her according to the locals.

She would have stayed in the snake room, but decided to bail out to fool Al.

She got $25000 and Bill is under contract not to say how much he got but Heather thought it was about the same as what she got.

Very good chance for Mole 3.

Elavia was voted as least liked because everyone thought she was the mole and they figured the least liked would get an exemption.

After execution the first half of those executed when home and the second half stayed with the show.

The engagement is off. They parted as friends and she has a new boyfriend.
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