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Where Am I?? MAPS and Filming Locations! *location spoilers*

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Episode 9 is back to Cabrits National Park and Fort Shirley.

We still have those unseen photos of the "Pirates' Court" for either this week or Episode 14. (Based on the number of chairs--Ep 14 may be more likely!)

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Episode 10 "The Cooper's Treasure" was filmed at Middleton Falls.

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More Middleham Falls...

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Episode 11 "The Smuggler's Keep" was filmed at Secret Beach.

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 Episode 12 "The Mapmaker's Constellation" is only labelled "Crabier at the southern end of the island".

With so little to go on, this location has been the most difficult to pinpoint and will therefore have to be a GUESS only.

There is a hiking trail which leads up from near Scott's Head:

--- Quote ---Morne Crabier (Level of difficulty: Unrated )
Time taken: 2 hours

This old trail is one of several which connect estates above the southern village of Scott's Head. It climbs up to about 1,400 ft. and over Morne Crabier. The trail starts from the main road to Gallion, at Morne Patate, and comes out above Scott's Head.

Starting point: Scotts Head
--- End quote ---

There is also an area called High Meadow which was the site of the cannibal village in Pirates of the Caribbean.

So my guess is a meadow area off of the Morne Crabier trail or a pasture in one of the estates--but I would welcome any better ideas!

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