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Inferno 5/15/2007
« on: May 15, 2007, 10:23:20 PM »
Okay i watched last week and this week show.

No matter hpw you fee about Tonya those girls were hard on her with all the I hate Tonya because......  Jenn thinking Tonya was selfish for not replacing Jenn, oh come on do you think Jenn would have pulled Tonya out.

Challenge was interesting, wonder what will happen with Anessa's knee.  It looked bad and no matter what she says I do not think she would have done well with this challenge and I think it benefited the bad asses.  Wonder what the doctor will say...remember coral had to leave because of her injury.  I was kind of glad to see Susie not do well at first.  Only because she keeps acting like her and her alliace are the best.  Paula may not be in her buddy buddy group but Paula is doing well in the challenges.

This challenge made me remember why  i like Derrick!  He is such a team player and does so well in the challlenges.  i really hope he makes it to the end.  He really deserves it.

THey showed a commerical about next week's challenge...... inferno looks interesting.  spoiler  both Kenny and Ace win lifeshields it is a Ace and Timmy show down and  there is a rule break, soemthing about not breaking all the glass in the challenge here

Should be an interesting show