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Blast from the Past! Previous Season Timeline Questions....

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While we are waiting for Season 12, let's have fun with all those pesky unanswered questions from previous seasons!

Strategery will hit us with the questions for his Timelines--and then TAR Detectives to work! :yess:

Something to keep our spoiler muscles occupied during the TAR drought....

Well I tried to move the posts peach but as usual the posts came out oldest to newest  :lol: ..anyway here ya go  :waves:


--- Quote from: puddin on May 19, 2007, 09:01:40 PM ---Well I tried to move the posts peach but as usual the posts came out oldest to newest  :lol: ..anyway here ya go  :waves:

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 :lol: now thats funny


--- Quote from: Chateau ---There is a Schloss Bullachberg in Fussen.  An image from their site seems to match the view from the meadow that we see on the show.
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You've got it.  :tup: I went back to the video. Flo calls it "bullockberg" (as in Bullocks Wilshire  :lol:) and Andre/Damon just call it "Bulletberg."

Excellent! Wow, I knew you guys were good but this is really impressive work. Bravo, Chateau. And thanks to georgiapeach and puddin for starting the new thread. Hard to know where to begin with my list of lingering questions, but maybe I'll start with nearby TAR3 eps and then work my way back.

--- Quote ---Are you really sure it was filmed August 26th, 2002?
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I'm not. I've been taking that "official" TARflies timeline -- which was developed contemporaneously with some input from Ken -- as given and working from there. So I have to admit I have been lax about looking for date clues or checking flight schedules for consistency (it's been hard enough finding any flight info since Airwise no longer goes back that far). I also have not been checking closely for spliced clue-readings or edited-out tasks (other than what I've seen identified by racers in interviews), so that's another untapped mine.

As for other nagging questions:

1) I was pretty sure that when Andre/Damon overslept on the train to Innsbruck they were told by a conductor they'd have to go to Salzburg to turn around. I don't have the energy to double-check right now, but as apskip pointed out, trains from Munich to Innsbruck generally head toward Italy, not Salzburg. (Years ago I traveled the opposite way, on a train from Italy bound for Munich, and got off at Innsbruck to change for a train to Salzburg -- simply breathaking scenery all around.) Anybody have a good link to old train schedules? My usual source is here, which just has the current schedule. Or maybe Chateau can figure out what time it was when Andre/Damon got to the clue box in Innsbruck -- I've always assumed they don't hand out the mercy clue until all other teams have checked in but I could be wrong. (Ken/Garard's departure time for the next leg is 2:42.) 

2) I'd been having a hard time finding the first task on Ep 3:8, which sent the teams to a haystack on Augustinerhof Farm (CBS Recap). One problem was than most of the links a Google search provided were to other episode summaries -- one of the problems of a post-broadcast search. But inspired by you folks I checked one of the German links (here) and found an Augustinerhof guest house listed on Hiltepoldweg in Schwangau, not far from Bullachbergweg (map). But further sleuthing would still be much appreciated.

3) I've had no luck finding a ferry schedule or estimating the elapsed time (1 hour??) from the ferry from Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn, Switzerland. Google maps does show that it's a relatively short trip. They appear to arrive before sunrise (roughly 6:30am), and they catch a train to Schaffhausen that arrives (per a platform clock) at 8:25am and takes (per a racer) about one hour. 

Anyays, if that's not interesting enough I'm sure I can come up with more questions. Thanks again.


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