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Chateau d If:


Have her find the parking garage that teams had to get their cars from for the drive to Yanahurco.

It should be somewhere down in the old quarter of town.


I saw this searching today..
Ventana Pictures

more pictures at the link

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Hey, folks -- just wanted to apologize for starting this up and then dropping off the face of the earth. Real life has gotten in the way -- nothing bad, but between work and family have been super-busy. Sorry in particular to georgiapeach for not getting back to you about Quito. If it's not too late, TeamGuido posted some info about the missing tasks at TWOP (here).

With luck things will calm down for me by the time TAR12 airs -- though of course you'll probably have it all figured out already. Keep up the good work, and best to you all.

No idea where to post this since season 10 is long gone but it just came up on google alerts :cmaslol

BBF holds Christmas dinner 
KUWAIT : The experiences of doing the world’s most famous reality show “The Amazing Race” in Kuwait was shared by photo journalist Gustavo Ferrari, who was the guest speaker at British Business Forum’s (BBF) annual Christmas dinner held at Crowne Plaza Monday. The show has been winning one of the most coveted television awards, Emmy, for six straight years. The two-day shooting of The Amazing Race in Kuwait in June 2006 took two months of preparation, 40 cars, 200 hotel rooms, 12 camera crews from the US and six from Kuwait, said Ferrari to give the audience an idea of the scale of the project. The race involved 10 teams, who started off from various points in India, and based on clues had to go to different countries in the world and perform various tasks. Every leg of the race would eliminate a team, and the team that lasts till the end of the race would win $10 million.

Gustavo Ferrari was approached by The Amazing Race crew to help them organize the Kuwait-part of the race. One entire episode of the reality show shot in Kuwait was screened for the audiences. The first destination in the state was the famous Kuwait towers. The 2-member teams arrived at the Kuwait airport, where vehicles were waiting to be driven by them.  The masterful editing of the show sequences, made it nail-biting from the start till the title scroll at the end. The first task required one member from each team to climb up an encased ladder laid over the globe-shaped structure on the Kuwait Tower to get a sachet containing puzzle pieces. Solving the puzzle led the teams to their next destination, which was the Gharabally Street near the Grand Mosque. Hilarious moments followed as the teams used different tactics to find the location. One team literally begged a traffic cop into guiding them to the destination. There inside a traditional beads shop was the next clue.
Arab Times


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