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--- Quote ---CBS has officially renewed The Amazing Race, but only for one more season, which will not air until midseason.
That’s a change from the show’s fairly regular pattern of airing two seasons a year, which has happened consistently since the show’s beginning, with the exception of the year-long gap between seasons four and five, which was followed by three seasons airing over one year.
--- End quote ---
"Fairly regular pattern"? Sure, if you also ignore the long break between TAR3 and TAR4. And the constant changes in time slots. This show has always been just about one non-Emmy away from cancellation. My recollection is that, after the strong performace of TAR7, CBS picked up Seasons 8 and 9. But IIRC, a year ago they had only greenlighted TAR10, and TAR11 didn't get the final go-ahead until after the Emmys. 

In any event, for those of you looking to apply your considerable sleuthing skills while we wait for TAR12, I've restarted my efforts to timeline the TAR Classic seasons over at TARFlies and could use all the help I can get. Just posted TAR3, Episode 7 (Marrakech to Fussen) and in particular could use help figuring out a) what schloss near Neuchwanstein Castle was the actual pit stop (Google Maps is very fuzzy around there, unfortunately) and b) what time Flo/Zach and Andre/Damon actually arrived there. Chateau?

strategery, I'll bite on one of the truly classic TAR episodes. Here goes:

Neuschwanstein Castle is not the only one in the area. I visited there two decades ago and nearby is Schloss Hohenschwangau. Unfortunately, it is up higher than Neuschwanstein so there would be no meadows below it. I think you have to accept what the official CBS TAR3 and CBS websites say about this - that the pitstop is in a meadow below Neuschwanstein Castle. If you go to Google Earth, look for a Panoramico labelled "Neuschwanstein - usser [HDR]. It shows the castle in the foreground and broad flat meadows in the background.

On Andre/Damon, "My Ox is Broken" identifies the time of their arrival by plane into Munich as 0830. Given them some time to reach the Munich central train station and they could catch the southbound international express. It leaves Munich at 0933, gets to Innsbruck at 1121, and next stop is the Austria/Itlay border at the Brenner Pass at 1202. That is the earliest they could get off the train if they were asleep at Innsbruck. The next train northbound from the Brenner Pass leaves at 1220 and arrives Innsbruck at 1259. Give them 15 minutes to find their way to the Annasaule. There they get the revised clue that they need to take a marked car directly to the pitstop near Fussen. It is 70 miles and the roads in northern Austria and southern Germany are not expressways, so assume about 35 miles per hour on average. My guess is two hours. That gets them to the pitstop at about 315pm (1515). Let's see how that corresponds to whatever Chateau comes up with if he does this.

Chateau d If:
Hey Strat, for TAR3-7 I've matched the view from the meadow to this location in GE.  I noticed a street name in the GE image of Bullachbergweg.  That sounded a lot like what the teams were trying to say (take off the "weg" at the end since that probably means "way").  There is a Schloss Bullachberg in Fussen.  An image from their site seems to match the view from the meadow that we see on the show.  I can't find any pix on their site of the modern red roofed building that we see behind the teams as they check in.

Times will come later.  Are you really sure it was filmed August 26th, 2002?  From Weather underground, I'm seeing no rain on the 26th but there is rain on the 27th for Andre & Damon's soggy check in.

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I don't have a pic to compare to but here is a red-roofed building labelled Schloss Bullachberg from Flickr--any use?

Great job Chateau!

Let's start a new thread for old -timey spoilers--might keep us occupied during this long wait--fun!

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Chateau d If:
Puddin, like Peach says, you can move this topic to a new thread.  I just don't know what we should call it.

But meanwhile I have something new.  I used to use GlobalExplorer for my satellite imaging until GE came on the scene.  But the GE view of Fussen Germany sucks big time.  And my old friend comes through.

Compare with what I found with GlobalX:

Peach, the shot you found is the main castle of the place.  Never shown to us on the show  ???  I have circled it below.  The mat is about where the orange rectangle is.

With this I will be able to determine some good check in times.

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