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ok i may have totally missed it cause I didn't see every episode (I think???) but was this the FIRST season ever that there wasn't a reward challenge that brought the survivors their familes or stuff from/about their families!??!

Yes, it was the first season with no family members.  It sucks, cause I look foreward to that episode. A few did get letters from home a few weeks ago.

Supposebly there were some issues in Fiji around what would have been the family challenge... I think that is why they got letters from home

when did they get letters from home???

When they were white water rafting... Dre, Boo and Yau.  at the end when they had a picnic.  Dre cried when he read his letter and Yau joked his daughter got a B and not an A in I think iw was Alegra.


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