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It was a good outcome. Earl was a great player from the first episode. He and Yau were a great team. Earl stayed loyal to Yau longer than he should have to win the game. In the end good Karma overcame bad Karma. Earl did vote off Yau but only at the point when he had to to win the game.

Dreamz....such an idiot who only understand how to play the game at random. He was entertaining and without him Earl wouldn't have won.

Anyone know how the money works with a final three? Who gets 100K if no one else gets a vote? How much cash did Ozzie and Becky get last season.

I want to go back to a final two.

Hi chijeff!!!  :waves: Good to hear from you again!!! Glad you finally found where some of the old Riii gang hang out!!!

Dreamz totally screwed himself when he went back on his word to Yaoman!!! He didn't really move up his placing significantly, so the only thing he really gained, is a tarnished reputation that he will have to now live with!!!

My congratulations to Earl!!! Great game!!!

Welcome Chijeff!!

I am happy Earl won as he was the most deserving.  He played a good game.  I knew he must have swept all the votes when they didn't show any of the cast holding up the parchment with the names on them.  I am happy to hear that he and Yauman will continue to be friends. :jumpy:


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