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Charla and Mirna's reply to my letter!


This is the letter that Peach ever-so kindly gave to Charla and Mirna for me at TARcon! They read it, loved it, spoke about it in thier RNO interview, and have emailed me!

Dear Charla and Mirna

My name's Sam, and I am a huge fan of yours from Sydney, Australia! Ever since TAR5 I have loved you both, and I just want to say how proud I am to be a fan of you both! Every week I look forward to watching All-Stars so I can see you both in action! You have done so so well and have exceeded everyone's expectations of you both! I hope you guys are proud, cos I certainly am!
As a thank you for making me smile and laugh on so many occasions, I, along with the help of several other fans of yours, have started work on a website for you both. It should be finished and ready over the next few days, so go check it out at! The site has a bit of a humorous aspect, so I hope you like it! It will be filled with quotes, photos, vidoes, photo-chops, songs and poems (dedicated to you guys) and a lot more!
Anyways, you girls are amazing, I hope you like the website, and please feel free to send me an email (, I'd love to get an interview with you guys for the site!

Sydney, Australia
(P.S. The person who is helping me with the site is from Finland. You have fans in every corner of the globe!)


I got your letter at Tarcon and I was so happy to read it.  My husband was so proud of me and loved the letter too.  I want to thank you for the website you created.  It is amazing, I know a lot of work and effort went into it.  So many of our fans have always asked us for a site, but I'm just not very computer savy with that kind of stuff.  I'm sure all the fans are thrilled to have a place for us to chat and look at pictures and video and laugh.
By the way, I loved the video of the fantasy ending..if only it were true!  My husband emailed that video to all his family and firends and they loved it too!

I think the site is great as it is.  I can give you more info for the bio section if you would like.
I can even try to email you some neat pictures of us from the Emmy awards, me with Colin, and even pics from my wedding.  I think that would be neat to add in the "other pics" section.  I'm not real good with that stuff so it might take a little while to send.

Oh a couple years ago there was a real dedicated fan from the Phillipines, Marjorhie her name was, who started a photoalbum with great screencaps and pics/clips of our talk show appearances.  I'll try to see if I can get more info and get a link to that site too.

Finally, it would be great if people could use the website to contact us for appearnces like speaking engagements at universities, which I love to do.  maybe we can add a quick contact link to my email, but without making my email public on the home page.  Is that possible to do?

I would be happy to do an interview.  You decide the format and let me know.  If you want, we can add a Q & A section to the forums.

Anyway, I don't want to trouble you too much.  You have already done so much.  I'm very grateful!
Thank you always amigo,

IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! IVE LOVED C/M FOR LIKE 3 YEARS AND I JUST GOT AN EMAIL FROM THEM!!  :happy: :jumpy: :hearts: :happy: :yess: :wohoo: :kissy:
But i dont know what to do for the interview.. how do websites usually interview teams? By phone? Email? I really wanna do the interview, but id be really scared over the phone (plus it would cost me a fortune)

Peach- i adore you!


Mirna is so great. I love the fact that she thinks it is a bother for you to do this! OF COURSE WE WANT YOU TO DO ALL OF THIS MIRNA!

That is fabulous Sam! Congratulations!  :wohoo:

She seems so pleased and excited by what you have done!

Maybe for the interview you could submit a list of questions and she could respond--or maybe our Rob would have some ideas??


--- Quote ---This is the letter that Peach ever-so kindly gave to Charla and Mirna for me at TARcon! They read it, loved it, spoke about it in thier RNO interview, and have emailed me!

--- End quote ---

Lol that's what I should have done w/ Dustin and Kandice

That is GREAT news redsox  :happy:


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