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Honestly, I'm still stuck on the week during Seany's eviction.  I've been so far behind, that I might never catch up in time for the finale.  I'll still watch it, but I might not finish until months after the finale airs. 

I've still following it online, and I might just forget about the episodes I have now and continue once Charley leaves.  You hit the nail on the head, James!  Charley is the main reason I haven't been watching. 

Good news everyone!  Charley has been evicted!  And, we have new housemates!  I'm going to start watching last night's episode (and continue watching now) and watch the last few weeks after the season ends.


There's been some good stuff over the last few weeks but honestly, the lasting impression is just of argument after argument...

Hopefully some of the new people will cheer things up a bit!

And Chanelle, when will you learn not to go back to Ziggy every time?!



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