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Mark your calendars BBuk fans!  The eighth edition of the British series starts May 30th! 

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How often do they do these?  I thought the celebrity one just finished.

They have two seasons a year.  The winter version is a 30 day Celebrity version.  This year's summer version will have normal housemates try to last 94 days (the longest season in BBuk history).

Okay... before I jump into this...
How many episodes air per week, and how long are the episodes?

BB is a HUGE time sink, which is what scares me from jumping in.

Also, where did you hear that it was starting on May 30th?  The official website still offers no date.

You my be alarmed with my answers...just to warn you.

There is an episode every night, 7 days a week.  Each regular episode lasts an hour (44mins if you download it through torrents).  Evictions last the same time length too, but sometimes they'll be longer if it's a twist or seomthing.  It's a lot of commitment.


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