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Congrats to Eric & Danielle, they ran a great race, and take home $1 Million!!!

Congrats to all the teams..the ending sure almost gave me a freaking heart attack  :jam:

omfg the ending gave me a heart attack.

Congratuations to Dustin and Kandice, THE best all female team to EVER run the Amazing Race, and the true winners in my books. :)

I have to say I am VERY disappointed with the finale and season in general though.  I was hoping an actual all-star team would have won. Oh well, I knew from day one who won due to the spoilers I accidentally stumbled across. 

On to AR12. :)

I'm not that sad as I thought I would be, Danielle did awesome at that last challenge, and D/K only came in 2nd by 2 minutes or something, ... seeing Kandice crying was so horrible, you can tell they wanted to win so bad.


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