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Picks from across the boards EP13


RC: Yau-Man
Exile: Yau-Man
IC: Boo ?
Boot: Stacy?

* survivorphoenix
RC: Yau-Man
IC: Boo
Boot: Stacy



* survivorfever
 Episode 13
RC Winner:  Yau
IC Winner: Boo
Exiled:  Yau
Booted: Stacy

RC: Yau-Man wins the SUV, then the car curse drives him insane.
Exile: Yau-Man's insanity causes him to exile himself.
IC: Boo
Boot: Stacy, but only because Yau-Man plays the HII

* Blows polls
Last time I looked, 16 votes for Stacy one vote for Spacey, lol.

* Sucks Polls  
At last count, 14 votes for Stacy one vote for Boo.

* Corvis/Survivor Thoughts from Iowa (mostly)

And now...
It's time for Stacy to go home...



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