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Finale: "You've got a Puzzled Look."

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s1, its in realone player and works for me  ???
and there are 2 more tribal councils and Dre does not win the first one so he wouldn't be wearing the IN.

spoilers updates thanks as always to VG of survivorphoenix  :jam:

Ethics and the Power of Your Word (05/12)

survivorphoenix ....

WINNER - EARL COLE: FINAL TC: We might see the first unanimous vote.

F3/F2 TIE - "DRE" "DREAMZ" HERD: FINAL TC: Gets Twila'ed while making light of his broken promise and arguing that it is just a game.

F3/F2 TIE - CASSANDRA FRANKLIN : FINAL TC: We've got nothing.

J9 - YAU-MAN CHAN : FINAL TC: The most honorable of players.

J8 - "BOO" BERNIS : FINAL TC: Delivers the most scathing speech against Dre.

Well i'm out of here to watch the show and anyone on the West Coast that wants updates can check it out here   :waves:

Good show!  WOW that jury was brutal!!!

Boy Earl looks different all cleaned up.  Looks like he put soem weight on in his face.  I do not think  I would recongize him on the street.


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