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Big Papi:

--- Quote from: tigress131 on April 30, 2007, 03:55:37 PM ---I saw that episode also!! The other Teams member did not like Mirna I was so suprised.  Charla was her cute self.
As for the final 3 I am not suprised.  They all raced the game well.  Glad to see 2 all female teams in the final 3 but I will be rooting for Danielle & Eric all the way.

--- End quote ---

Me too... :yess:

after the comment in the cab about "Learn to speak with their accent" I hate them even more...

Charla and Mirna have no respect for any other team or person in the countries they are in!

Just because they have a "handicap" doesn't mean they should get extra care...

They are so rude and I don't think they deserve to win...

My votes are for BQ because I don't want C/M to win and D/E were not even an original team.


Out of all the final teams remaining, I believe The BQs are the most deserving.  They're the strongest female team I've ever seen, they've been working their butts off last season and this season, and they're fun to watch.  I would love to see them become the first all-female team to win TAR.  It would make for a better ending than if E/D or C/M won.


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