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Well, what does everyone think of the final three?
Eric & Danielle
Dustin & Kandice
Charla & Mirna

Who would have thought that Charla & Mirna would have made it to the final 3, I didn't. What do people think?


To me, they've already won. Even with Charla's disability and Mirna's crazy craziness they have been able to pull through the whole race (even winning 2 legs).

Like em or not, respect must be given to this entertaining psycho team.


Charla and Mirna

I never thought they would make it this far but I'm glad they did. They are hilarious and tonight Mirna had me laughing when she was throwing all those toys in that box. I hope they finish 2nd.

Dustin and Kandice

My team!! I knew they'd make it, they are the strongest of the teams left, with four first place finishes, two finishes right behind the FF teams, and lowest placing was 6 in the first two legs. They should win. They know it's a game and they know how to play it. I LOVE THEM. WIN WIN WIN!

Eric and Danielle

They started off awesome, but went down hill - they haven't had one first yet, but still have an excellent chance at winning since they are both young and in shape. They had a lot of bad luck so I'm surprised they made it this far.

Good luck to whatever team you are rooting for, and extra good luck to Dustin and Kandice

The last 2 teams were so close, if he would jave jsut looked in the bushes they might have gotten 3rd.

Dustin and Kandice, have been strong racers.  they have a good shot at winning.

I hope charla and Mirna do not win, as I do not think Mirna is a good sport.  saw her on Reality of the battle of the sexes and she was not a good winner.

I saw that episode also!! The other Teams member did not like Mirna I was so suprised.  Charla was her cute self.
As for the final 3 I am not suprised.  They all raced the game well.  Glad to see 2 all female teams in the final 3 but I will be rooting for Danielle & Eric all the way.


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