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Alex - Doomed or a Key Swing Vote?


First off let me say I am rooting for Earl to win this thing. I've liked him from the first episode and he has done nothing to change my favorable opinion of him. That said, I've been wondering if Alex can do anything to avoid jury duty.

Sure, a string of immunity wins keeps him in the game but is there anything else he can do? It strikes me that Boo, Dreamz and Stacey should realize that they are not key members of the main alliance. At seven remaining players this is the time when the game can be flipped again. If I were Alex I would be whispering in the ears of all three and be trying to secure a final four deal with them. He might even try Cassandra. Who do Earl and Yau plan to take to the final three? Right now my guess is that they might dump her and take the less popular Stacey. Any thoughts?

I think Alex will just get booted.
He has deemed himself too sneaky and untrustworthy in the past couple episodes.
The others can still team up on Yau and Earl after Alex is booted...


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