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Hey everyone, this couldn't have timed out better. Episode 100 will be recorded just a few days before the 5th year of RealityFanForum.com

If you have favorite moments in the show, let me know here, and I will try to pull them out. If you want to create something and send it in for 100, that is fine too.

show@rffradio.com is our email!

Thanks for letting us talk to you for almost 100 episodes and 5 years on the internet with RealityFanForum


When are you going to record this podcast?

Oh yeah, and I'm currently making something in honor of the 100th.  It should be done this week.

Not sure when we are going to record it yet, but will let everyone know, it will be a big live show!


I feel like I am rooting for all the "biggest jerk" on both tar and survivor. I Love dustin and Kandace. As well as Alex from Survivor. I hope he goes far. hahaha...good podcast *the 4/27 one*.

It's hard to think about what #100 could contain: it's right after the big Amazing Race finale with the big Survivor finale in the shadows...

Have you thought about a special vidcast for NYC? It sounds technically possible with both hosts in one place...just saying....

Anyways...here a potential episode #100 album cover:

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