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EP13: "Low to the Ground, That's My Technique."

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Honolulu, HI to San Francisco, CA.   (12/16-12/17)
LiquidSapphire /AFB reports : the demanding blonde's and other contestants on DEC 16th on flight to Narita and then Honolulu.

Final 3
3rd: Charla & Mirna
2nd: Dustin & Kandice
Winners: Eric & Danielle  (?)

--- Quote from: Slowhatch on March 06, 2007, 10:54:24 PM ---A blog entry about Shipwreck beach, with a photo of an "amazing" traffic arrow.

--- End quote ---
" Enter Shipwreck Beach. The real, live shipwreck is in the background. The arrow is there to direct teams from that reality show "Amazing Race". Apparently they were filming an episode that weekend." ( posted on Dec 21st )
5. Slowhatch: An old liberty ship on Shipwreck Beach in Lanai, Hawaii.

Race ends here
**On Dec. 17, the SF Recreation and Park Department closed Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park from 10 a.m. to approximately 12:30 p.m. for the filming of the reality television show, "The Amazing Race."
( credits to gukfata21 @ tarflies   )

Phil: next week on the season finale of the Amazing Race..Dustin & Kandices relationship capsizes
Kandice: I have no patience for you right now.
Dustin: you're sayig a lot of hurtfull stuff right now.
Kandice: it isn't true know what? its OK.
Phil: the final 3 teams, swim
Girl Voice: Are you OK?
Phil: drive, fly and run to the finish line.
Mirna: have to run!they're going to pass us.
Phil: find out who will win the one million dollars
Charla to driver: just make it as fast as you can and take us there

Thanks to apskips! !
Hello. I'm back from Australia. 24 hours and some minutes ago on Guam I met with  Northwest Operations Supervisor Glenn Weber (only one "b" is correct) and his lieutenant Marie Lizama (she actually wrote and sent out the blog in December about what happened on Dec. 15 and 16 that has made Glenn a TAR celebrity).  I had a 7.5 hour layover in Guam International Airport and Hakushu8, an RFF member who lives on Guam, graciously deferred to me on this.

Glenn is expecting to  become a local celebrity on Guam as soon as the relevant episode airs (usually within about 10 hours after U.S. East Coast due to time difference). He got a lot of camera time when the F3 teams booked their flights to Honolulu via Tokyo-Narita on the afternoon of Saturday Dec. 16. The previous day was a big day at Guam International Airport as Uchenna/Joyce, the Guidos and Danny/Oswald all departed with Phil on CO904 through Nagoya Japan to Honolulu. Glenn told me he got a brief opportuntiy to chat with Uchenna and Joyce. Dec. 16 had Glenn as the only NW individual on the 2 ticket counters, I believe by choice since he knew what would be happening. First up was Dustin/Kandice, who booked NW 81 mid-afternoon to Narita and NW10 from there to Honolulu. Charla/Mirna actually booked the same flights through Continental's ticket counter. Last was Eric/Danielle, who had run into a NW 747 pilot who convinced them to take the 20 minute later NW73 to Narita to get the comfort of the 747. After Dustin and Kandice heard about this, they decided to change their booking to do the same. The connect time to NW10 was still quite adedquate. Their production crew of cameraman and soundman just barely made it through customs with their equipment to get on the later flight.

TV cameras at the airport caused a great deal of interest from passengers and others at the airport on both days. Recently, the local CBS station on Guam has been showing short advertising clips of some of the local TAR11 action from military bases. Glenn has not been on with Andersen Air Force Base of the Naval Base, but recent info suggests that Andersen is where the action and filming took place. I had as a seatmate from Narita to Newark today a Naval person who was not aware of any rumors about TAR filiming at the Naval Station even though she was not there at the time.

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Here is the GE of shipwreck beach and a little info on it:

"Although unsafe for swimming, wild and beautiful Shipwreck Beach remains a favorite stop among many visitors to Lanai, "Hawaii’s Most Exclusive Island." Beachcombers come for the brilliant shells and other treasures that wash up on shore."

At least we know they aren't going to make them swim out to the ship!  :lol:

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Thats fine Sups  :tup: :kissy: .. We don't want any "I think or want the Beauty Queens to win ..etc " in this thread, we created the new " I think.." thread just for that purpose. More or less if you have nothing to add, then please don't do it here BUT if you happened to be in Hawaii or San Fran and ran into the racers or finish line then Yeah that! We would love to hear all about it  :jumpy:!!

Hawaii and Lanai Maps!  here .

--- Quote from: Slowhatch on April 11, 2007, 08:37:05 PM ---OK, I'll change the subject to Lanai.  ;D :ninja  Here's a drive-time map, courtesy of FilmMaui, and the picture below shows some spec spots for the shipwreck parking lot (the arrow from the blog pointed right, towards the beach). The Liberty ship is in the upper-left corner.

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