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My Name is Earl


Love the show…My Name si Earl is the best one ive seen in years..Most fave cast is Jaime Pressly as Joy .I remember her when she posed for Playboy ..Now I can't believe she is a good comedienne too! Saw TV Guide is gonna be covering Earl with a scratch-n-sniff promo, not sure how that stuff works though. Is it already out (the TV Guide Issue )? has anybody bought a copy yet?

My name is Earl is quality!

Randy has me in stitches.

When is this coming back on air.  I think it's real soon.  I love this show too.  Randy makes me laugh, but there have been a couple times where he freaked me out.  He was going to cut a guys phone cord so he couldn't call for help and "take care of it".

 :ascared That was creepy.  Kinda like Of Mice And Men.  Just over that edge  :ascared

Joy is a hoot "Oh Snap" she cracks me up  :lol3:

I think Earl is going to date Alyssa Milano? since they both got hit by cars.  They think Karma put them together.  We'll see  :waves:


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