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Mirna needs to sult up and shut up!

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The Beauty Queens may be underhanded, but at least they know how to slut up and shut up when it’s necessary. They were the ones willing to ride the pole to flatten the noodles this episode like they were shown. Mirna decided to bounce on it every which way and continually yell at Charla for not doing things right and telling her the wrong width for the noodles.

Meanwhile, Kandice jumped right on and “rode the pony,” as they said, to do the noodle-making right. And neither she nor her teammate were yelling and scaring the sweet Chinese noodle-makers. spammidy spam spam

It might have been harder for Mirna because her legs are not as tall as Eric's or Kandice's..

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Big Papi:

--- Quote from: down_with_alli on April 23, 2007, 12:02:46 PM --- B:) B:) B:)

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Agreed down_with_alli  :tup: Like more trash talk about Charla and Mirna is necessary. We know where to send them for that don't we  ???

I wasn't trash talking them!

I was saying that they might have had a disadvantage!


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