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Another victom of The Mole

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The Final 3 are....

Dennis Rodman

Mark Curry


Angie Everhart

Thats right last night we saw another victom of The Mole sent packing and that player was Tracey Gold. Although she didn't will the game she did go home with $10 thousand dollars in her pocket.

My guess is D'rod but I think that to have him as the mole would be too obvious. ::)

Actually, Mark as the mole is too obvious! He messed up everything he possibly could have last night... but so did Dennis but in a not so subtle way....

Yeah- she was really cool. I liked her.

I think it is Dennis.    His comment about ~If tracey goes home tonight and shakes his head when she gave him exemption.  And he looked upset that she was eliminated.

I think he liked her and wanted her to make it to the last round.

Most definitely! Mark would be TOO obvious. He really makes himself knows he is a little "slow".


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