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Ep12: "A Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My Pocket"

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5/3/2007: Survivor: Fiji 
Episode Detail: Survivor: Fiji - Survivor: Fiji
The castaways compete for a helicopter ride and a white-water rafting trip. At tribal council, another player is voted off of the islands. Jeff Probst is the host.

White water rafting... wow that is a different reward

Interesting reward challenge.  What could they be doing... first one to eat all the meat wins?  Something hidden in the meat?  yau's looke dlamost doen and Stacy'slookd full.

Oh I remember this challenge Texan! Was it ASS? I have to look around CBS....

nope, Amazon!

[attachment deleted by admin]

I remember the gross meat off the hook eating challenge.  It was the season with Heidi and Jenna.  More meat hanging on the hooks than the 2 of them combined! ;)


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