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Tina's Chat
« on: February 03, 2004, 02:24:54 PM »
thanks Pudding for posting.  I am giving this it's own thread so people can discuss.

There's some good reading in Tina's chat on CBS..

Host: Hi Tina. Thanks for being here today. Are you ready to take some questions?
Tina: Absolutely!

Q: Tina, how was it to be back on Survivor:
Tina: Exciting. I couldn't wait to get there and I had another wonderful adventure.

Q: How different was the location for you this time?
Tina: Much tougher. We actually had noseeums, little bugs you can't see., and mosquitoes and of course the dehydration was not fun at all.

Q: Were you surprised that the issue of previous winners cam pu so soon?
Tina: Yes and no. I had hoped that at least it wouldn't be an issue until midway thought the game. I had no idea it was such a sensitive spot and that from the get go they wouldn't allow us to play.

Q: Tina, do you have any guesses why your team voted you off first?
Tina: Because I was a previous winner and they needed Ethan and his strength for the challenge.

Q: Tina, were you surprised that Rupert and Rudy voted for you after they said that winning last time wouldn't matter?
Tina: I was surprised, more so because I pitched a great spiel to them of why it wasn't a smart strategy to vote with Jerri and Jenna. They needed the money most and they would not take Rupert to the finals because they could not win against Rupert so I thought they would come to the light instead of stray to the dark side.

Q: Were you surprised to see anyone in particular when the other tribes were revealed?
Tina: Most surprised to see Amber and most surprised to not see Mike Skupin.

Q: Were you surprised to see Colby there?
Tina: Not at all! I would be surprised if I didn't see him there. I only wish he was on my tribe, I could have used his help!

Q: When you finally saw Colby was also playing did you ever get to chat with him on the island?
Tina: No, unfortunately.

Q: What was Rupert like in person??? and is Richard really a jerk?
Tina: Rupert is an extremely kind soul. Richard is arrogant but necessarily a jerk.

Q: Did you ever buy Colby that Harley?
Tina: Absolutely.

Q: Tina, sorry about the first boot. We didn't get to see... were you allowed to bring anything along, like luxury items?
Tina: We were not allowed to bring anything with us. Just the clothes we had on and our bathing suit. They even picked the clothes that we wore out there.

Q: How surprised were you when you saw 3 tribes of 6 this time? How do you think that will affect the dynamics?
Tina: I wasn't surprised at all. I was kind of expecting it. To be honest, it did not change the game at all.

Q: What did you mean by : what can a mother do?
Tina: Oh, that's cute. Funny, I don't remember saying that out there but it wasn't pretty cute I thought because I am a mother and that seems to be my role on Survivor so it just seems like I am stuck. I need an alliance, I've only got Ethan and I needed someone else. I didn't know what to do! SO it's like -- what's a mother to do?

Q: Did you try to form an alliance with anyone else?
Tina: Absolutely. I tried everything I could to get Rupert to come along with Ethan and I. I knew that Jerri and Jenna had their alliance and I suspected Jenna had Rudy since they were such good friends in their first Survivor.

Q: What is the one most important skill needed to win Survivor?
Tina: You know I don't think it takes a single skill. For me, personally, to win the first one it took luck, logistics and living relationally. On this Survivor I think it's going to take a tough skin mentally, meaning have no qualms about voting off your friends -- a good strategy and luck.

Q: Were all the tribes on the same island or were you on 3 different islands? And did you want to barf when you saw Richard naked?
Tina: I think we were all onl different islands. I never saw where the other people were. As far as barfing... when I saw Richard... I just tried not to look!

Q: I thought Survivor: Australia you indicated you would never do Survivor again. Why the change?
Tina: I did say that, but I am just one of these gluttons for punishment! I love adventure. For my and my husband's anniversaries, the first one we were on a rock in the center of a river in Zion National Park. Our 2nd anniversary, we were two hours into the jungle of Belize. Our 3rd we were bicycling through Tahoe and wer're just adventure junkies. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do Survivor again.

Q: Why are all the teams having trouble starting a fire this season?
Tina: You have to have a hard wood and a soft wood to start a fire and we could not find the two opposing types of wood. We could find two soft woods but then couldn't find a hard wood. Or it might be vice versa.

Q: Why didn't Kathy use her glasses to start the fire (or anybody else for that matter)?
Tina: On our tribe, Rudy has the lowest prescription pair of glasses and we used his but they just aren't strong enough to start a fire. I'm not sure what Kathy's level of prescription was but was surprised that they didn't use them... ast least it didn't show her using them.

Q: Was the immunity challenge as hard as it looked?
Tina: what made that challenge so difficult was the fact that we had not had water for 3 days. Rupert was extremely dehydrated to the point that he had already been throwing up and we were just all so weak and it was just a difficult challenge.

Q: Did you see the look on Colby's face when Jerri came out, and did you laugh like we all did?
Tina: No, I didn't see the look on his face at the time. To be honest, I was extremely focused on the challenge because i knew if we lost that challenge I would be going home. So I didn't even look at all the other contestants.

Q: If you could have chosen 5 other players to be on your team who world it be?
Tina: Ethan, Colby, Lex, Big Tom and Mike Skupin, even though he wasn't out there.

Q: Seeing as you were the first voted off, was the time you invested worth it?
Tina: Oh absolutely. I would do it again even if I were to be the first one voted off and no matter how hard it was even if there was no money involved. I crave the adventure.

Q: Who would you least like to see win this Survivor?
Tina: I'm going to have to say Richard only because the man doesn't need anymore confidence.

Q: Were you surprised that not all the other Survivor winners were there?
Tina: No, not really. I had heard that Vecepia had a baby and I didn't think that she would come. I was surprised to see Jenna Morasca and a little surprised that Brian wasn't there.

Q: How has your life changed since you won Survivor the first time?
Tina: First of all, I have a different career. I was doing home health care and now I do motivational speaking. The financial part of Survivor has allowed me to pay off all my debts, to have two amazing homes, one in TN and one in NC and of course, the notoriety part changes your life in that you can't just go to Kroger's looking as rough as I usually did going in a grocery shop. I have to put on makeup now, that part isn't fun.

Q: You didn't look older at all. Did you do extra work to get in shape for All Stars?
Tina: No, I exercise almost everyday so I did try to put on about 3 extra pounds but that was it.

Q: What was your favorite moment that we didn't get to see on TV?
Tina: The most surprising thing they did not put on the show happened at Tribal Council. When Jeff said "it's time to vote". I said Hold on Jeff, I've got something to say. At that point, I knew that I could not win the game and I had decided from the very beginning that I was going to pay it forward, meaning the same kindness that Colby showed to me, I was going to show to Rupert.... So I told Rupert as far as strategy was concerned that it wasn't smart to go with he other girls. I tried to get Rupert to go with us, meaning me and Ethan and kind of put him on the spot. So, on national TV, he would have to make the decision to go with us who were trying t help him or go with Jerri and Jenna after what seemed to be someone only trying to help him. I was surprised they cut all of that out.

Q: Did you bring back any mementos?
Tina: A lot of shells.

Q: <about Richard's comment's regarding the failure to make fire>
Tina: First of all, I don't believe that statement to be true. I would like to see him start a fire with the type of wood we had in Panama. To be honest, I think I'm as tough as Richard so it wouldn't bother me if he didn't start a fire. I don't think you're going to die because you're cold but we might die without water!

Q: Was it easier that you knew some of the Survivors or did it make it harder?
Tina: I think it makes it much more difficult because now you're voting off some of your close friends.

Q: Has Jerri changed a bit?
Tina: She sure has! I was very surprised to find Jerri was quite a pleasant person to be with.

Q : Were you surprised with any of the outcomes of the recent Survivor seasons?
Tina: Actually, yes. I was very surprised that Vecepia won, disappointed that Brian won and outside of that, I guess I'm happy with the outcome of everything else.

Q: Do you think that on this Survivor they have raised the standards in how hard the challenges are and how hard it is to find food
Tina: I can only speak for the first challenge, they were using challenges used in the past. So I'm not sure that they're more difficult. As far as the good's concerned, we had alot of coconuts and bananas which is more than we had in Australia.

Q: What is Jenna like in person? Is she as annoying as the show portrays her to be?
Tina: She is extremely funny and if I was seriously stranded somewhere I'd probably take her along because of her positive attitude.

Q: Do you stay the entire duration of Survivor at different location once voted out?
Tina: We are actually sent to travel for the remaining time and that in itself can be a great adventure.

Q: Rudy drank the water and so far didn't get sick. Why didn't the others follow suit?
Tina: Because what you're seeing takes place over a day time period, so if he drank the water on day to he probably won't get sick until the night of day 2 or day 3 so we want to see how his body reacts before we go drink it.

Q: How was Rudy doing physically while you were there?
Tina: Rudy is amazing! Here is this 76 year old man, he still runs three times a day, does push ups and is willing to come out into this harsh environment like us, just for the fun of it! I want to be like him when I'm 76 but maybe not so grouchy.

Q: When is your book coming out?
Tina: I just finished it, so we will start shopping it this week and I'm not sure how long the turnaround time is.

Q: Are you disappointed that Jonny Fairplay wasn't invited?
Tina: Heck no. *Thank* my lucky stars he wasn't there!

Q: Who did you think should have won in place of Brian?
Tina: Helen.

Q: Did you have any problems with your arthritis while on the island?
Tina: No, not a bit.

Q: Did you feel that Rupert was given an advantage having only competed recently (less the time to prepare)?
Tina: Absolutely not. If anything, he's at a disadvantage because his body still carried the wounds from his last show. He had scars, welts on his body and you could tell he did not seem fully recovered.

Q: Who did you think was physically not up to the challenge of coming back?
Tina: I'd have to say Jenna Morasca, she was kind of weak in her first Survivor series. Sometimes I wonder why people who find this experience so miserable choose to come back and do it again.

Q: If you could have made it further, who from any of the 3 tribes would you have liked to have gotten to know better?
Tina: I know everybody already. The fact that we do events together makes us already comrades so to speak.

Q: I'm still mad at you for voting for Mad Dog. Haha. But have you and her remained friends?
Tina: Editing made it look as if I was in some kind of alliance with Mad Dog when in fact, I never was. Maralyn does not speak to any of us.

Q: I was surprised how many ex-Survivors are motivational speakers. Was that a natural path for you to take?
Tina: Not really. I never enjoyed being in front of people. I never tried out for cheerleading or do anything that put me in the spotlight. However, I began speaking for pharmaceutical company and the Arthritis Foundation.

Q: Do you think that the 3 tribes were divided fairly?
Tina: Yes.

Q: How do you compare Colby and Ethan?
Tina: Both are the type of men that I would like to see my daughter marry. Both have great integrity, kindness, a gentleness and I love them both dearly.

Q: What Survivor do you dislike more, Jerri or Jenna?
Tina: Neither. To be honest, they played a great game. How could I be mad about that?

Q: How serious do you think they are when they tell you that there are parasites in the water and that you have to boil it before you can drink it?
Tina: VERY SERIOUS. Lex came back from Africa with multiple parasites that has taken him a couple of years to try and get rid of. When they say don't drink the water, you bet your pants I'm not drinking the water.

Q: Do you agree with Rob Mariano when he said that no one can trust anyone this season?
Tina: Absolutely. It's going to be the most cutthroat Survivor yet.

Q: Who is your least favorite Survivor of all time?
Tina: Jonny Fairplay.

Q: Who do you think is the weak link in your old tribe?
Tina: None, that's why they call it All Stars.

Q: Where do you think the next Survivor should be?
Tina: I would love to see it in Costa Rica.

Q: How do you think Richard's arrogant behavior will go over with his teammates?
Tina: From the looks of the show, not very well!

Q: Would you lie to compete with Lil?
Tina: Sure she seems like a sweet lady.

Q: Were you surprised at how many Australians were cast?
Tina: Not really because I believe the second season was one of the most popular and people wanted to see some old familiar faces, mine included.

Q: Did some of the contestants decline an invitation for All Stars?
Tina: I believe Elisabeth and Colleen both declined to return.

Q: Who was the better strategist? Richard or Rob C?
Tina: I'm going to say Richard because he was the first to play the game and to not have a role model in order to model his game after. He was the original master strategist.

Q: Was Jenna's rant at tribal council a surprise to you?
Tina: She had actually told Ethan that it was going to be me to go first so I knew my clock was ticking and that she's got a vendetta against anyone who has won.

Q: It's surprising that only one Survivor has been seriously injured so far. Have there been close calls that you know of?
Tina: I am shocked that there's only been one serious injury. The challenges are tough.

Q: What is your next big adventure?
Tina: Wow! I wish I could say! It has something to do with the great outdoors and promoting a new reality cable network called "Reality Central". If you all want to help, call your local cable and satellite operators and ask for Reality Central.

Q: Our time is up. Tina do you have any comments for Survivor fans?
Tina: Remember if you're posting on other sites to be kind. That lots of times, we're reading what you're writing and we do have feelings. It's just a game, not real life and if you want to keep updated on what I'm up to you can log on to my website

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Re:Tina's Chat
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2004, 12:43:44 AM »
That was a good chat.  Thanks for posting.