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April 15 Episode

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The 5 former Apprenti return and meet with the Final Four.  That was cool. 

Weirdest ending ever.  We'll tell you who won next week, pack and go home.  Huh?

I think that Trump may have been planning to fire one team, but decided that both commercials were pretty good. Nicole was about the only one that the Renuzit execs had anything bad to say about. So I am not sure if this week's episode willl start out with a firing or not!!!  ???

i kinda would have liked to see steph work on her own without james....

did she EVER step up?

Reality Junkee:
Hi everyone, long time no see or talk to.  Sorry if it's been such a long time.

CeeJay, I don't think she ever did step up.  At least not that I remember. 

I was so disappointed with Sundays show.  In the past they have had MAJOR tasks where it would be a cliff hanger.  This time it was a boring task.  Like somebody else said elsewhere, it was so anti-climatic.  I do hope next season will be MUCH better.  Will it be in LA again or New York...or will it be on at all??? :umn:

Hi Reality Junkee!!!  :kuss:

I read on another site where The Apprentice lost one of their early sponsors. What may have happened was when the online poker task (which was almost certainly the originally scheduled third task) was canceled by NBC on orders from the NFL right before filming was to begin last June, the entire schedule had to be scrambled.

Jenn said in a recent chat, that the Lexus task actually had the biggest budget and was meant to be one of two final tasks.

With nothing to replace the online poker task, filming was now to end 3-4 days earlier than originally scheduled. Whatever was supposed to be the other event in the final task (besides Lexus) could not be moved up to accommodate the earlier filming of the final tasks and/or Lexus didn't want to be filming on the new final task date for whatever reason (possibly filming of the final task if the dates listed are correct now coincided with the time frame of Major League Baseball's all-star game and some of the people who were actually involved with that task were already scheduled to be in Pittsburgh for the all-star festivities then) may very well have caused the Lexus task to be moved up and replaced at the end by Renuzit and the mini-movie.

The Renuzit task definitely didn't take a whole team to complete, since we saw Aaron and Angela sleeping. So I am inclined to believe the above scenario.


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