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EP11: "Good Doing Business with You."

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Have a safe trip apskips  :waves:

Random Macau slideshow

Apskip have a great time.


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on April 10, 2007, 07:09:27 PM ---Have a fabulous trip and don't forget your TAR detecting on Guam!
--- End quote ---

Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Have a safe trip, apskip. :waves:

Okay just to throw this out.  Is it at all possble that the Macau leg and the Guam leg are not two individual legs, but one?

After Poland, I am not leaving any possability unturned.

Is it at all possible that Hong Kong Non elimination leg (episode 10)
then a leg where Macau and Guam are used being an elimination point and the beloved Oswald & DAnny getting the boot (episode 11).

Then a leg in Hawaii that is the first part of a TBC leg (episode 12)
leading to the finale episode in California (episode 13).

I haven't really looked at the amount of time needed for those episodes (especially from them (being the three finale teams leaving Guam, as apposed to the eliminated teams leaving), but we do no something happens in hawaii, could it be enough for the first half of a double leg, withthe end being the race to teh finish.

After all most of the seasons do have some form of non elimination leg before the last leg (only season's 5,6, and 10 didn't).

It would also give the producers a way of having a non elimination leg (in pratise) without having to worry about the rundant 30 minute penalty.  After all onthat leg its first or who gives a crap.

Posting this idea after apskip left, to avoid his fits of laughter.

Any thoughts, Am I crazy?


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