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Macau (12/13-12/14? )

--- Quote from: Slowhatch on March 07, 2007, 12:18:22 AM ---Here's a 14 Dec sighting, but I'm not sure how reliable it is.
--- Quote ---I recognised one of the pairs (Danny or Oswald I think) from Season 2 but he was partnering with another guy.
--- End quote ---

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fashionblue: I happened to be in Macau going back to Hong Kong on 14 Dec and I saw the Amazing Race teams there. It was obvious because the camera men were rushing to film the teams buying the ferry tickets. I recognised one of the pairs (Danny or Oswald I think) from Season 2 but he was partnering with another guy. And when I boarded the ferry, Phil was seated behind me. I casually joked, "oh so the AR teams are here huh?". He just smiled. When I asked if I could take a pic with him, he said "I'll be in deep trouble if I do that!".

--- Quote from: apskip on March 07, 2007, 06:30:04 AM ---SLOWHATCH, your MACAU to HONG KONG ferry information is a keeper. Note the perfect fit with my posting #1702 ULTIMATE TIMELINE:

11. Hong Kong 12/13 to Macau
A hydrofoil taking just over one hour will get teams from Hong Kong to Macau.

Pitstop late on 12/13

12. Macau 12/14 to Hong Kong to Guam
Teams should take the hydrofoil back to Hong Kong since the International Airport has superior flights to everywhere.
Flight options start at 1010 with JAL730 to NRT 1010 to 1500, then CO007 NRT to GUM 1715 to 1950 and end with the most direct routing of CEBU AIR 119 to MNL 1940 to 2140, then CO934 MNL to GUM 2310 to 0440. There are about 10 other combinations in between.

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--- Quote from: schwarzmoor on March 08, 2007, 07:28:19 AM ---A resume of lady living in Macau

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11. schwarzmoor:  it is Lou Lim Ieoc Garden from Macau, next to Hong Kong
22. Neobie: Sure looks like Hong Kong to me!

* One team is left in a state of shock when they become victims of a deal between the beauty queens and a certain other team.

* It's a comedy of errors for one team when they struggle to operate a local car and drive it over the curb.

* Charla & Mirna make a generous offer to Oswald & Danny.

I am going to make my one and only contribution to this leg. The Hydrofoil schedule between Hong Kong and Macau both ways is from 0700 to 2300 every 15 minutes, with less tha once per hour in the 8 hour period in between. the fare is HK$138 over and HK$142 back. It takes less than one hour.

I am leaving for an airport hotel very soon and on a series of planes in 11 hours. I will be in the air or connecting for 29.5 hours and end up in Queensland for 11 days, returning 4/23. It looks like I could not have picked a better time to be away if I had planned it this way. See you in 13 days.

have fun..

And stay out of the water.  :diver:  :noway:

Have a fabulous trip and don't forget your TAR detecting on Guam!

We'll try this again...

This is my take on what we know/don't know so far about this week.
Frank speculation is in red. Blue is where I hope puddin will attach a pretty pic. :lol:

Preview 1 and 2 here .

The big debate seems to whether this is a TBC or a not TBC...
And I'm happy to report that we all seem in perfect agreement that it is either a TBC or....a NEL.....or an Elim....or a BVM surprise! :happy:

If the BQ confessional is from a future episode as seems likely, then that removes my only objection to this being a TBC.
And if the Cha's confessional is in Guam as seems likely, then there are no confessionals for this episode which makes a TBC even more possible.

Teams depart the Hong Kong Jockey Club on Dec 13th after a 12 hour pitstop, leaving possibly between about 3-7 AM?? (see mswood's Timeline here)

They are directed to go to Macau, a former Portuguese territory.

They go to the Hong-Kong to Macau TurboJet ferry terminal at Sheung wan. (Boingo's nice GE map here?)

Ferries depart at 0130, 0200, 0400, 0445, 0600, 0700, 0730, 0800 and then every 15 minutes until 1800, and take approximately 55 minutes. It costs HK$138 (=$17.68) after 0700 and HK$172 (=$22) before 0700 (Hmmm....maybe this is where O/D lose their lead?).

(We know what the two Detours and the Roadblock are, we know they rent a kiddie car, we know they go to Lou Lim Ieoc Gardens. We don't know which order things occur in for sure ie Roadblock or Detour first, and we don't know that the Garden is for sure the site of the Pitstop/TBC Mat stop--so take the rest with a little salt.)

The teams find their cluebox at the Ferry Terminal in Macau and choose between two Detours, each with their own pros and cons. (Don't you miss that?*sigh*)

At some point, teams collect their own kiddie bumper car and drive themselves to their tasks. I think that is now and may provide a little H of Op. Ch/M take the bumper car part a little too literally, which may explain how they fall behind.

Row it or Roll it? (titles mine)

O/D choose Row it and fetch and carry a ceremonial drum   along the waterfront near Neobie's Macao-Taipei Bridge to a Macau Dragon Boat where they row to I don't know where.
This task in hindsight proves to lead to a costly time delay.

The other teams all choose Roll it and proceed to Hakushu8's bamboo pole Noodle workshop, where they roll out handmade noodles. And we won't even go there about riding that pole!

Timeshots during this task put Eric there about 5:30 and Ch/M there about 7:05 (AM presumed). (conflicting time info--will need to be determined)

Teams eventually drive themselves to the Roadblock, which occurs at Slowhatch's
 Macau Tower .

(Order of arrival, conversations, deals etc. are educated speculation--you have been warned! :lol:)

The Roadblock, which one member of each team performs, is the Skywalk and the SkyJump and who knows maybe they throw in the Bungy and the Mast Climb too! (I'm so glad to finally see an AllStar worthy task that I would keep them up there all day!)

We see Charla performing this task for her team.

Now, it appears that E/D and the BQ's arrive at the tower  (BQ's first?) close to each other, where they find a Yield. Since E/D need to arrive at the Mat first, I believe that the BQ's negotiate with E/D to NOT Yield them, but rather a team further behind (O/D) in exchange for allowing E/D to reach the mat in first place. Is this why we see Dustin praying? They would be relying on E/D's honor to not yield them after all.

(And while this may be a wise move by the BQ's at this moment, I think you can say that this moment is also where they lose the race to E/D.  :o)
Now WHY O WHY do they choose O/D instead of Ch/M??   :'( You must decide....


Ch/M being a later arrival to the tower (too much time gambling in the Casinos :lol:), make a generous offer of some of their homemade noodles to O/D (really maybe $$)...

All teams then drive themselves in the bumper cars to schwartzmoor's Lou Lim Ieoc Garden where Dee takes a nosedive. This is the Pit-Matstop for the race.

Order of arrival:

E/D who escape the marked for elimination penalty.
BQ's second
Ch/M third
O/D sadly last and are either marked for elim, elim, or surprised by BVM depending on your POV.

All teams may be TBC'd and keep on racing to Guam.......or not?


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